Sunday, September 20, 2009


FLAVOR B : Chocolate/ Vanilla / Orange/ Pandan / Strawberry Cupcakes
Frosting/ Topping : Buttercream

Papercup M = RM68 (25pcs)
Solocup S = RM63 (25pcs)
Solocup M = RM50 (16pcs) | RM75 (25pcs)
Solocup L = RM55 (16pcs) | RM88 (25pcs)

FLAVOR C : Chocolate Sour Cream Cupcakes
Frosting/ Topping : Buttercream

Papercup M = RM88 (25pcs)
Solocup S = RM75 (25pcs)
Solocup M = RM58 (16pcs) | RM88 (25pcs)
Solocup L = RM65 (16pcs) | RM100 (25pcs)

FLAVOR D : Carrot Cupcakes
Frosting/ Topping : Cream Cheese

Papercup M = RM105 (25pcs)
Solocup S = RM88 (25pcs)
Solocup M = RM68 (16pcs) | RM100 (25pcs)
Solocup L = RM73 (16pcs) | RM110 (25pcs)

Decoration : Price state ONLY for simple Decoration (ex: rose swirl, polka dot, basic shape etc)
Theme Color : Limited to 2-3 color combination
* Additional charge for chocolate ganache frosting ( exact price depends on quantity order, please contact for more details ).
* Extra 0.30-0.50 cent per cup for chocolate chip / blueberry filling
* Minimum order 16 pcs for Solo Cup M & Solo Cup L
* Minimum order 25 pcs for Solo Cup S & Paper Cup M
* Individual container/ packaging available upon request

� For cartoon character drawing deco, additional charge starting from 0.50 cent per cups. Exact price depends on difficulties/ colors/ deco. Cartoon Drawing deco ONLY for Paper Cup M & Solo Cup Size L
� Additional charge for adding simple gumpaste shape/ flower/ alphabet
� For special deco/ gumpaste flower/ edible image/ 3d figure, please consult with us for the prices.

*latest price updated on July 2010


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